Where Did the Term Paper Noon Come From?

Where Did the Term Paper Noon Come From?

Origin of Once in a Paper Noon

It is hard to trace the origin of the paper noon in history. There is no specific story that ties it together and quick essay papers. However, the pictures show a close relationship between man and the camera in-thing a century ago.

Different stories try to find the origin of the paper noon. The first reference to the term paper noon dates back to the 1932 broadway show dubbed, “The Great Magoo.” The play was written by the legendary Stalwart and produced by Billy Rose. One common thing from the show was that it was not a success.

Rise of Popularity of Paper Noon.

The song became a hit in World War II that was reenacted by Ella Fitzgerald. The song became such as hit with many renditions from different artists. You can find many jazz renditions of the original song. Some of the infamous artists with versions to the song include:

  • Paul McCartney
  • Kenny Drew
  • James Darren
  • Frank Sinatra
  • Lionel Hampton

During the first play of the song by Ella, the pictures were fading away. World War II-era noticed the fading of the pictures in the backdrop. You can find few vintages pictures of the World War II-era that still contain the set. Most of the photographs trace back to the 1900’s era.

Another hit movie that borrowed the theme of Paper Moon was by Ryan and Tatum. It revolves around the story of a girl facing depression who realizes that life does not fit in a pie in the sky.

Growth of Photography

1901 marked the rise in photography with Kodak first entering the market. The first series of Kodak was the Brownie that became an instant hit. The Brownie changed the way people captured their experiences around the world.

The introduction of the Brownie meant people did not have to carry around bulky equipment every time. It also meant that there was a need to take toxic chemicals in capturing world experiences. The cost also reduced with the charges for the Brownie costing only one dollar.

First Encounter with Paper Noon

A common assumption for the moon pictures was meant in preserving the moments of fun that existed between people and fun activities around. It marked the hallmark of celebrating festivals and parties in the first century.

Another assumption could be the fascination with the heavens above. Most of the images of people in the moon featured people on a star. It can be believed that it was a way people used to exhibit their anxieties while in the skies.

Meaning of It’s Only in a Moon

The roots of the song depict a profound romantic message. The song was a significant hit used in carnivals, plays, and movies. The song majorly reflects on the importance of the things we experience in life.

With the presence of cameras in the hands of many people, it became a thing to shot pictures at the carnival. Shooting by the festival while sitting on the paper moon became synonymous with sitting on the moon. The idea behind the song lay within the public imagination.

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