How to find time to write a book (even if you are super-busy)

I heard him as author: “But how do you get there? “

I heard him as a publisher: “I’d have to take the time …”

I heard him as a ghostwriter: “I need you to help me on that. “

The question that comes up every time when we talk about writing a book is to find the time to write. And that’s normal since we all have busy lives. Family, work, sport, various obligations … To believe that the universe conspires to prevent us from writing.

And yet, if more than 80,000 books are published each year in French alone (9 pounds per hour!), It is because many people find it, this time. So how to find the time to write a book?

Well, you know, there’s holidays, weekends, early in the morning, late at night … but the answer is in a nutshell: you can not find the time to write, you have to take the time to to write.

Hour of Power: the 60 minutes that change everything

The most effective way to schedule time for writing is not (above all) to book your Saturday afternoons to do just that. This imposes time slots both far too long and far too far. On the contrary, the trick would be to book an hour a day to write his book. This is what the Anglo-Saxons call a “Hour of Power”; a daily niche dedicated to achieving your goal (and that can be something other than writing a book).

For example, you can choose to get up an hour earlier, get yourself a big cup of coffee and sit quietly in front of your computer, notebook or pile of draft sheets. This can also be the time you have free after dinner and before the evening movie (and it will be much more interesting than all these access-prime-time programs).

The advantage of this Hour of Power is that it becomes a redundant task such as eating or brushing your teeth, which causes a kind of automatism so a state conducive to concentration and work. Moreover, whatever happens in the other 23h that make up your day, you will have taken a step closer to your goal when you fall asleep. And that is priceless.

How to organize your Hour of Power on a daily basis

Of course, it is not enough to tell you that you will be writing between 8 pm and 9 pm to make things happen as if by magic. You must organize yourself to succeed and devote this time slot only to your goal. So that means setting some rules …

Think about it before: if you’re stalling for an hour to write, it’s all about writing, not thinking about what you could write well. So you need to get an idea of ​​what you want to talk about before you start writing it, otherwise you will not go far …

Choose the schedule that suits you: I have long been a night owl but I prefer to write early in the morning, even at 4am. On the other hand, nothing forces you to do like me and you can write at noon or midnight; the important thing is that it suits you.

Always write in the same place: dedicating a place to your writing activity will help you to focus and find the little click to “get going” by immersing yourself in a mental state that is conducive to motivation and perseverance.

Escape distractions and interruptions: whether it’s the phone, social networks or your half, you need to be organized so you do not get distracted and do something else. Except for a very particular situation, the world will not collapse in an hour without you …

Stop finding excuses: if you really want to write a book, it’s going to be time to take responsibility and stop looking for reasons not to do it. If it’s really impossible for you, you can always hire a ghostwriter … or give up on that idea.

Your Hour of Power can be the most productive time of your day and the most profitable. There are many reasons to write a book and you probably will not regret having done so. On the other hand, you may regret one day not having given yourself the means to achieve your ambitions … See you!