How to be more creative: 3 tips to develop your creativity and have better ideas

When you write a lot, most people ask the same question: “But you have to find inspiration, where do you find all these ideas? “

And the truth is that there is not really any inspiration; there is mainly method (a lot) and work (a little). Yes, a book is not written alone (nor a blog, by the way). To help you, here are 3 tips to help you develop your creativity and have better ideas when it comes to taking the pen.

1- Write down ideas when they come

How many times have you had a great idea talking to someone, letting your mind wander in a train or flicking through a book? I often imagine.

And how many times have you forgotten it? Often too, probably.

As far as I’m concerned, I have probably lost so many ideas for books, blog articles, companies to test … But now I have a notebook where I note just about everything that I go through the head.

Does that mean it’s a cave of Ali Baba filled with good ideas? Probably not, certainly not … OK: not at all. Nevertheless, it is better to note 10 ideas that will serve no purpose rather than to forget the idea that will be really useful.

2- Write as if no one was reading

One of the essential brakes of creativity is the fear of judgment. What will others think? What will your readers say? Well, you never know anything about it, so write as if nobody reads you …

I wrote more than a hundred articles on my blog, ditto on Juriswin, probably as much in different media, as well as a few books and several thousand articles when I was editorial director of Keek.

Were all these items great? Of course not. Were they so horrible as to expose me to popular vengeance? No more. There have been some threats of trial en route, but nothing that has prevented me from continuing.

It’s true that sometimes, it’s annoying to take an unpleasant remark from family, friends, colleagues or vague knowledge that we would not pass well. But it does not matter: there is only when we do nothing we risk nothing.

3- A leitmotif: fact is better than perfect

Whether you are an artist or a businessman (and you can be both at the same time), we would like his product to be perfect before bringing it to the attention of the whole world (and that’s normal). But frankly, do you think that happens often?

If everyone expected perfection to get out of the woods, we probably would not have smartphone, airplane, legendary cooking recipe … or book. After all, if the Tatin Tart was invented by chance (and by mistake), it may be the same for your next masterpiece!

Focusing on the process rather than the outcome often results in something better than being afraid of the result, thus blocking the process. Already, we get at least something, which we can improve afterwards. And even if perfection does not exist, we can still do beautiful things.

If I had waited for each of my books or articles to be perfect, I would probably never have published anything. It’s like this: sometimes there are shells, sometimes errors, sometimes heaviness … But we must still face the facts: we can not edit a blank page.